Don't Call the Void 'Daddy' 2019 at Wreckers Artspace, Brisbane

We are starting to press up against the material limitations of linear economies. Physical waste, some of it created from matter that will long outlive generations of human life, is returning to haunt us. Cultural waste -- when beheld, reapproriated, celebrated -- is sometimes called 'camp'.

These paintings trouble the categories designed to keep everyday waste out of sight, out of mind. Starting with found soft plastics, a gradual process of imprinting and layering leads to a profusion of colours and shapes that vie for attention. Ambiguous forms float forward and recede, vying for attention. Playfully embracing excess and failure, they point to the lingering material traces that we leave on the world around us, and in turn, how non-human matter inevitably touches us.

Exhibition text by Briohny Walker here.

Images courtesy Charlie Hillhouse.

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