Face Value 2017 at Visual Bulk, Hobart

This series draws on perception phenomena and procrastination to meditate on fear of failure.

‘Pareidolia’ is the a psychological phenomena whereby the mind perceives a familiar pattern of something where none exists. Pareidolia often occurs in the context of religious preoccupation, seeing faces of biblical figures in stimulus such as clouds, wood, and food.​

Struggling to make new work, compulsively saw faces around the studio, in discarded materials I had absent-mindedly manipulated – chewing gum, clay, Blu-Tack. They became my subjects, strange companions and tiny idols, pathetic yet optimistic talismans.

​These playful monuments to meaning-making are deliberately un-monumental in their scale or posture (some leaning against walls) and their veneration of disposable and low-fi materials.

Come in, slump down, return their gaze. Waste some time. There might be something valuable here?

Images courtesy Lucy Parakhina

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